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Commercial Blenders Australia OmniBlend Juice Bar Kitchen Smoothies Nut Milks Acai Bowls Crush Ice Olivers Real Food Revolution 01“We use OmniBlend across our Oliver’s stores and couldn’t be happier, it’s the best commercial blender we’ve ever used. We really put them through their paces and they continuously perform above our expectations.”

Amanda Robson, Operations Manager Oliver’s

Commercial Blenders Australia OmniBlend Juice Bar Kitchen Smoothies Nut Milks Acai Bowls Crush Ice Olivers Real Food Revolution 02

  • Heavy Duty 3HP / 2238 Watt Motor

  • Full Stainless Steel 6 Blade Assembly

  • Metal Drive Coupling

  • Eastman Tritan BPA-Free Jugs

  • Tamper / Stirring Stick

  • OmniShield Sound Enclosure

  • 1 Year Commercial Warranty

5 reasons why OmniBlend is the best choice today

  1. Performance – Our machines can effortlessly blender ice and frozen fruit 8 hours a day 7 days a week. Even smoothie bowls made from frozen fruit with next no liquid cause no issues for our blenders.
  2. Durability – Lets face it things happen in a commercial environment, OmniBlend blenders are designed so they can be easily repaired on the go by your staff. In 99% of cases the drive socket and/or blade assembly are all that is needed to be changed when a foreign object is blended. Most commonly being a spoon or tamper.
  3. Servicing – We service in house for a fraction of the cost of a third party service agent as we DO NOT CHARGE FOR LABOUR, only the cost of parts and shipping. We have a 24 hour turn around policy from receiving a machine to sending it back out during business days. We pride our selves on offering exceptional support and are the most cost effect short and long term blender solution on the market.
  4. Price – We are typically 2-3 times cheaper per blender and servicing than other established brands including Vitamix, Blendtech and Hamilton Beach blenders.
  5. Longevity – OmniBlend blenders have been develop over the last 20 years and are a tried and tested product used globally by commercial kitchens and smoothie bars. We never stop innovating and perfecting our products. Our goal is to produce the world’s 1# commercial blender.

The OmniBlend V controls

Automatic Timers – 35, 60, & 90 second One Touch Timer Buttons that cycle through a combination of speeds to give you the best blend in that time. Once finished it automatically turns off with a beep.

Manual controls – Low, Med, High & Pulse give you full manual control allowing you to be creative.


The central component of a blender is its motor. OmniBlend boasts a muscular 3 Horse Power or 2238Watt variable speed motor which allows it to pulverise the toughest ingredients and keep going year after year when other blenders fail. OmniBlend’s processing power emulsifies fruits, vegetables and nuts into a smooth texture which can be used to make soups, ice cream, nut butters, nut milks, sauces and more. OmniBlend also grinds grains into flour and crushes ice.
 Unlike less robust domestic blenders, OmniBlend is built to withstand constant use in juice bars and cafes.

Omniblend blades are made from high quality, precision Japanese stainless steel. The six blades are specifically designed with different angles to create the perfect vortex cycling all contents down into the blades for the smoothest blend.

The OmniShield reduces noise by to to 50%.

You are buying a Genuine JTC OmniBlend Power Blender, not a copy.

JTC’s OmniBlend has been in production for 20 years and are now sold to commercial and home users in over 90 countries. Don’t be fooled by lookalike machines. Buy the real thing!

Whether you operate one smoothie bar or a large franchise, OmniBlend is the right solution!

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Buying more than 2 Blenders? here for our tiered commercial pricing.

Buying more than 2 Blenders? here for our tiered commercial pricing.

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