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“Without a doubt, I recommend getting the OmniBlend. It’s a serious blender, beautifully made, will last you for decades, open whole vistas of new recipes and food experiences, and is incredible value for money.”

Australia’s Best Blender

OmniBlend has combined the best design features from the world’s top blenders to create one of the fastest and most powerful food preparation machines, delivered by a rugged 3HP motor.

This best selling, commercial power blender is suitable for heavy duty use in restaurants and juice bars and brings a new level of professionalism and food creativity to the home kitchen.

Only a heavy duty commercial power blender can break down the cell walls of green leafy and root vegetables, releasing valuable phytonutrients in an easy to digest form.

OmniBlend Australia is an Australian owned and operated business. OmniBlend power blenders are manufactured by JTC, a Chinese and Taiwanese company, who entered the global market in 2002 and today are sold in approximately 65 countries worldwide (including Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Asia). JTC machines are retailed under the company’s original brand ‘OmniBlend’ and also rebranded by over 100 resellers who offer the same machines with different names and price tags. Beware of cheap OmniBlend imitations not manufactured by JTC.

OmniBlend is perfect for green smoothies, milk based smoothies, living soups, nut butters, nut milks, raw desserts, ice cream, sauces and so much more.

When considering performance, quality, longevity, price and warranty we strongly believe that OmniBlend heavy duty power blenders are the best blenders on the market in Australia.

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“This blender has been able to handle everything I have thrown at it and into it. It does the job beyond what I could have hoped for and it amazes me every single time I use it.”

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    Put all the ingredients in the OmniBlend in the order listed and blend, starting on a low speed and


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What can the OmniBlend make?

'EVOLVE' Commercial

“My new OmniBlend arrived on my doorstep the very next day. I got stuck into it that day and ran the OmniBlend through its paces and she did not disappoint.”

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“Every purchase of an OmniBlend will include all three books – all of which I have read, used, and can recommend! If you are in the market for a new blender, then you should check out OmniBlend.”

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