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We stock the latest OmniBlend heavy duty commercial grade blenders from JTC who have been exclusively manufacturing them for over 10 years.


What can it make?

We often get asked “what can the OmniBlend make?” and the answer is a lot. From green smoothies to nut butters, soups, ice cream and so much more!



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OmniBlend V Overview

What can the OmniBlend make?

'EVOLVE' Commercial



OmniBlend has combined the best design features from the world’s top blenders to create one of the fastest and most powerful food preparation machines, achieving a blade speed of 38,000 rpm delivered by a rugged 3HP motor.

This best-selling, commercial blender is suitable for heavy-duty use in restaurants and juice bars and brings a new level of professionalism and food creativity to the home kitchen.

Only a heavy-duty commercial blender can break down the cell walls of green leafy and root vegetables, releasing valuable phytonutrients in an easy to digest form.

Customer Testimonials

  • In a country where I am constantly dissapointed with the level of service by business’s, I was blown away by the personal service that was fast, professional and relevant to my needs. I had some concerns initially and the service I recieved was fantastic, great active listening skills and proactive customer service looking for a resolution that meets customer needs.
  • Received my Omniblend V yesterday. It definitely means business that’s for sure. It has blended with ease my green smoothies to a beautiful creamy consistency. Can’t wait to see what wonders I can make with this amazing machine. Fantastic value for money. This has found its spot on my kitchen bench with pride. Thankyou Omniblend Australia for my new found love affair with blending.
  • We reviewed juicers of all types, slow squeeze, fast, all sorts and settled on the Omniblend. Powerful motor and strong blades liquify anything very quickly and retain the fibre, one of the deciding factors for us. Easy to clean makes life easy. We have a cheaper juicer but gee, Omniblend blows it away.
  • I love this blender. We enjoy smoothies every morning and it powers through anything I put in it – nuts, seeds, fruit, beetroot and greens. My kids love the smoothies and now make their own. I have to buy more fruit and vegetables each week to keep up with them. Great product, easy to use, highly recommended.
  • I received my awesome Omniblend V today and wow! Thanks so much... I am so grateful for the great product, and I am also very grateful for your ideal communication leading up to receiving it; I really appreciate the emails and delivery process and how smooth it was! Thanks so much...I feel so confident I purchased a superb product and that you folks will support it as long as I have it...I'm gonna take it everywhere with me!! The Fastway courier was really friendly too, good choice of courier!
    Peter Owbridge